How To Enable & Disable Registrar Lock

Registrar Lock is a status code that can be set on an Internet domain name by the sponsoring registrar of the domain name. This is usually done in order to prevent unauthorized, unwanted or accidental changes to the domain name.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to enable and disable registrar lock.

1) Login to the Name Hero Platform

2) Click the orange My Domains button.

3) Click on the domain that you would like to enable or disable Registrar Lock.

In this example, we're going to select

4) On the next page, click the Registrar Lock tab at the top (the fourth tab over left to right)

5) On this page, you can disable Registrar Lock if it is enabled.  If it is disabled, you can enable it.  To do either, click the buttonthat is "grayed out."

In our example, Registrar Lock is enabled, which is why it shows a green Enabled button.  Here, we could disable the status code by clicking the "grayed out" button that says Disable Registrar Lock.

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